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“True love doesn’t have a happy ending: true love doesn’t have an ending.”

~ (Author Unknown)

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Couples Often Ask Me. . .

What is a life-cycle celebrant ®?
Celebrancy was introduced to North America (from Australia and New Zealand, where it is very popular) only about twelve years ago. There are now over 700 trained life-cycle celebrants® throughout the U.S. and Canada – an elite group of dedicated ceremony specialists. I studied ceremony for a year and a half through the Celebrant Institute in Montclair, New Jersey. Curriculum included history of ceremony, ceremony elements and construction, traditional ceremonies, and much more. I am certified in wedding ceremonies and am an ordained interfaith minister. All life-cycle celebrants® specialize in exclusive, personalized ceremonies.

What’s the difference between a celebrant and a justice of the peace?
A justice of the peace is a local government official elected to perform several formal tasks, including officiating at weddings. By contrast, my celebrant training has given me comprehensive knowledge of ceremony, rituals and symbols. I also have a background as a writer. A celebrant provides a completely custom-crafted ceremony, where every element expresses the couple’s uniqueness. As an interfaith minister, I can also introduce religious or spiritual threads into the ceremony if desired.

Will you perform a secular ceremony?
Certainly. Celebrant ceremonies are always tailored to the particular couple, and my own spirituality doesn’t enter into the ceremony. I will happily perform a brief ceremony at a city hall or a more lengthy secular observance with elements of your choice.

I am Jewish and my fiancé has a Russian Orthodox background. Can you help us?
Such interfaith and intercultural ceremonies are a celebrant specialty. Rituals, readings and other elements from each tradition can be woven together – along with the telling of your unique love story – to create a truly individualized wedding ceremony. My reference library gives me access to descriptions of traditions from around the world.
As one example, the ritual of the bride and groom both sipping from a single cup is found in both Jewish and Russian Orthodox traditions (as well as in Native American cultures). Whether you are still practicing your faith or want to honor a family heritage, blending two backgrounds forms a rich wedding ceremony.

What do you charge?
Each wedding ceremony is different. My fees are based on a number of factors and range from $300 to $900+. Every ceremony is of the highest quality. I will be happy to quote a fee for you at the end of our complimentary first meeting.



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